Caricature practice

Just trying some caricatures… Here’s one I did of a good friend of mine, Joseph.

Original pic:


My attempt at caricature:



It’s been a while – my project!!

Well, it has been a while since I posted. I’ve put a couple things on my new instagram page, but I HAVE been working on an exciting 16 page story!!

I have made a little 4 page comic for Runciman Press‘ collection, “Apartments,” and it will be coming out soon. It is a little prelude/post-lude to the full story.

My 16 page story is about my break-up with my first girlfriend. It’s black and white, and I think a pretty relatable story. It will also be published (fingers crossed) by Runciman Press. Stay posted! More will be coming soon. Here’s a little teaser ­čÖé


Watercolour practice: Icon of the Crucifixion

I am currently taking some online seminary courses. This week, the professor of my History of Christianity course gave us the option of doing a piece of devotional art instead of our normal forum posts.

To say the least, I was delighted. I use icons in my own devotional practice, and decided to try replicating that style with ink and watercolour.

There are a number of small mistakes and it is slightly cut off at the bottom, but you get the picture. If you are interested in icons, this link provides a description of their history, use, and theology. If you are interested in the symbolism of this particular icon , this link provides some of the details. (The symbolism in mine is lacking, but some of the essentials are there.)