Watercolour practice: Icon of the Crucifixion

I am currently taking some online seminary courses. This week, the professor of my History of Christianity course gave us the option of doing a piece of devotional art instead of our normal forum posts.

To say the least, I was delighted. I use icons in my own devotional practice, and decided to try replicating that style with ink and watercolour.

There are a number of small mistakes and it is slightly cut off at the bottom, but you get the picture. If you are interested in icons, this link provides a description of their history, use, and theology. If you are interested in the symbolism of this particular icon , this link provides some of the details. (The symbolism in mine is lacking, but some of the essentials are there.)


Go Read Fiction!

This past week, I took a one-week intensive course with Dr. Victor Shepherd on the Theology of the Human Person. Besides being an incredibly passionate and articulate man, he is deeply pastoral. Check out his website for some of his lectures and writings if you get the chance!

This comic was inspired by a little mini-lecture he gave about the value of fiction. Unfortunately, the scanned version didn’t turn out the best (some of the panels are a little cut off). Since I gave him the original as a gift, this is the best I’ve got. Enjoy.


All images copyright Nigel Garnaitis.